Accessories and complements for wire mesh metal containers

Wide Market Cage Range: Discover 14 Different Models

Italiana Contenitori’s industrial metal mesh containers offer a wide selection of models to meet every need. With 14 different models, you can find the perfect solution in terms of size, load capacity and accessories. Each model is designed for maximum practicality and versatility. Available accessories include openings, customizable nameplates for branding or logistics, document holders to insert picking lists, bills or lists, horizontal interior partitioning shelves, vertical dividers, lids, wheel applications and anti-tip bars. This variety allows the containers to be customized to the customer’s specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency in any operational context.

Strength and Versatility: The Corrugated Interior Coatiing

One of the strengths of industrial wire mesh containers is the inner lining with durable panels made of alveolar polypropylene material. This coating allows small pieces to be loaded without the risk of dropping them through the grid. Corrugated’s alveolar structure provides extra protection and a stable surface for transporting delicate goods. With this coating, the containers become even more versatile and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Optimizing Storage and Handling: Special Accessories

Industrial metal wire mesh containers are equipped with specialized accessories that optimize the storage and handling of goods. Anti-tip bars, for example, prevent containers from tipping over when they are moved with forklifts, ensuring safety in the workplace. Horizontal interior partitioning shelves and vertical dividers enable better organization of interior space, making it easier to load and unload goods. Because of these features, metal wire mesh containers offer a higher level of efficiency and functionality in the warehouse.

Discover the Complete Range of Accessories and Strengths: Contact Us Now!

If you are interested in finding out more about the accessories and strengths of Italiana Contenitori’s industrial metal wire mesh containers, please feel free to contact our customer service department. We are available to provide personalized advice and assistance to find the right solution for your storage and handling needs. Call us today and find out how our containers can improve the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse!

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A global brand with Italian roots

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