Airports: the key role of Italiana Contenitori’s Roll Containers

Italiana Contenitori Airport Logistics

Shipping companies have made remarkable progress in recent years. This progress is truly extraordinary. They have experienced exponential growth in orders and goods to be moved, aided by globalization and the explosion of e-commerce. In a rapidly evolving logistics sector with a history of innovation, Italiana Contenitori’s logistics solutions have contributed to the optimisation of storage space and goods handling.

Working in freight forwarding means reaching hundreds of cities and markets with national, international and intercontinental express services. The handling and storage of goods require containers that are light, agile and collapsible if needed. This is where Italiana Contenitori comes in, a solid and reliable partner, with whom many carriers have established a long-lasting partnership, which in some cases has been lasting for over 20 years.

Express logistics in Europe has always relied on Italiana Contenitori through the purchase of large roll containers – e.g. 120x80cm – which are essential for optimising the rapid handling of goods within hubs and warehouses. These rolls can hold pallets and can be handled by hand, according to the weight of the load, without the use of forklifts or pallet trucks.

In recent years, the versatility and light weight of IC Roll Containers have led to an expansion of orders from many logistics companies, which, in addition to the larger rolls, now rely on Italiana Contenitori for different versions of roll containers and markets.

Many shipping companies have found Italiana Contenitori to be a reliable partner that offers strong, durable, and flexible products, which is why they regularly purchase hundreds of Roll Containers each year for sorting and cargo handling operations. Roll Container trolleys from IC are used, for example, at Malpensa and Orio al Serio airports.

These airports are among the major logistics hubs in Italy with an impressive volume of goods and people in transit each year. Italiana Contenitori’s roll containers are renowned for their long life and capability of withstanding heavy loads and mechanical stress, they are used in both logistics centers and airport terminals.

The inherent characteristics of wire mesh containers are essential for the high-tempo operations of airport hubs such as Malpensa and Orio al Serio. Sorting times are fast, and handling equipment must ensure maximum efficiency to guarantee on-time delivery of goods.

In conclusion, Italiana Contenitori’s products offer our customers the quality and reliability they require for their operations. Additionally, they offer the opportunity to create custom tailormade trolleys and containers designed specifically for the airport environment.

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A global brand with Italian roots

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