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The value of a product that has made perfection a tradition

With more than four decades of industry expertise, we are proud to present our catalog of goods storage and handling solutions, galvanized wire mesh containers that represent excellence in logistics and storage. Our containers are an emblem of strength, resilience and durability, the result of experience and a constant commitment to research and development. By choosing Italiana Contenitori, you are opting for a trusted partner who can offer you superior quality solutions at a competitive price. Rely on our expertise for your metal container needs.

Why choose wire mesh containers?

Wire mesh containers are lightweight, agile, and can be folded when not in use, stacked to develop vertical warehouses, used to move heavy goods effortlessly and noiselessly, placed on pallets to develop cargo space, used in transporting valuables safely.

Types of wire containers

Discover in our assortment a variety of wire mesh containers designed to optimize space management and logistics in your work environment. Our line of Roll Containers, available in numerous two-, three-, and four-sided configurations, has been developed to ensure safe, efficient, and smooth movement of goods.

For pallet handling you will find specially designed paretals in the catalog that maximize the use of available space. Our catalog is further expanded with metal caissons and baskets designed to meet the specific needs of different industries, such as the Market, Leggero and Emak series.

Applications and areas of use of wire mesh baskets and Roll Containers

Our range of products is perfectly suited to a variety of sectors, from laundry to heavy industry, through wine and agriculture to large-scale retail and hospital facilities. For the handling of delicate or particularly valuable goods, such as precious or high-tech products, you will find our series of Roll Container security containers, equipped with dense mesh and closure.

The value of Made in Italy – Custom-made containers, respect for the environment and labor

At Italiana Contenitori, standardization also leaves room for innovation and customization: we control every stage of the production cycle in-house, from raw material selection to final delivery, ensuring high quality products. A department dedicated to the design of customized industrial containers, made according to your needs and even on a project basis, is always at your disposal.

IC products are made with respect for the environment and workers’ rights, plus being durable, long-lasting and fully recyclable, they allow for reduced environmental impact in all areas where they are used.



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