Italiana Contenitori

Italiana Contenitori was created in 1981 from the entrepreneurial initiative of five founding members.

In these 40 years, collective commitment and a work ethic based on collaboration and common growth have allowed the company to achieve great goals. Italiana Contenitori now is ready to face the new challenges the future may hold for the company. After all, “working for the contents” can be a good way to face both life and work.




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Discover new and old ideas on how to sort, store and handle all kinds of materials, in the best way.

Italiana Contenitori and Kongamek AB: a long and successful partnership

Italiana Contenitori and Kongamek AB: a long and successful partnership

Since way back in 2005, Italiana Contenitori and Kongamek AB have established a solid and long-lasting partnership that has consolidated the presence of both brands in the industrial logistics market in Scandinavian countries and Germany. Kongamek AB is based in the city of Konga in Sweden, and is one of the leading companies providing equipment and solutions for the transportation and storage of manufactured products, serving the majority of the Scandinavian market.

A global brand with Italian roots

A global brand with Italian roots

With its headquarters strategically located in Turin, Italy, and a key branch office in Paris, IC has well established its presence throughout the continent, including a widespread network of dealers distributed in the main European markets ensuring that IC wire mesh containers reach every corner of the continent, thanks to the innovation and quality acknowledged to products made in Italy.

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