Plastic bases for Roll Containers. Characteristics and strengths

Plastic Roll Container Base on Wheels

In the Roll Container range, Italiana Contenitori’s plastic bases stand out for their innovative combination of advantages: light weight, strength, and reliability.

Compared to traditional models with metallic base, these solutions offer better handling, a key factor in industries such as large retail and industrial laundries where frequent handling is a daily matter.

Stress-proof resistance

The choice of a plastic material for the base of the Roll Container does not jeopardize its strength, quite the contrary. The material used provides high resistance to mechanical stress and impact, qualities that are complemented by the strength of the four metal reinforcement bars inserted inside the base. Bars play a key role in supporting the weight of loads, preventing the plastic from flexing excessively and preventing breakage: let’s see how together!

A winning combination: plastic and metal for lightness and large carrying capacity

The secret of the success of Italiana Contenitori’s plastic bases lies in the winning combination of two materials with complementary characteristics:

  • Plastic: offers lightness, strength and durability.
  • Metal structural bars: provide rigidity and superior load-bearing capacity.

To overcome any excessive bending of the plastic under the weight of heavy loads, the base is equipped with 4 metal reinforcement bars that play a key role in evenly distributing and supporting the weight and ensuring the stability of the Roll Container, even when fully loaded.

This results in a significant load-bearing capacity, comparable to conventional metal bases, of the same size and weight.

Arcawa: a reliable partner

The plastic base of IC industrial Rollcontainers is supplied by Arcawa, a solid Swiss company with decades of experience in industrial logistics. Arcawa distinguishes itself by its continuous search for innovative solutions and the use of high-quality materials that offer excellent long-term performance.

Plastic base for Roll Container with metal reinforcement bars

Italiana Contenitori: quality at the heart for forty years

At Italiana Contenitori, the quality of the final product is the result of a well-defined and optimized process involving every aspect of the production chain. Years of experience have taught us that excellence comes from the synergy between:

  • Level processes and projects: rigorous and innovative work methodologies that ensure efficiency and optimization in each production stage.
  • Best quality raw materials: the use of carefully selected materials from reliable and certified suppliers to ensure high performance and long service life.
  • Skilled and reliable partners: working with companies that share our dedication to quality, such as Arcawa providing us with high-level products.

It is precisely thanks to this cross-sectional view focused on quality, processes and raw materials that Italiana Contenitori can offer to its customers state-of-the-art goods handling solutions that meet the most specific needs and ensure maximum satisfaction.

More information about Arcawa

To learn more about Arcawa and discover the company’s history, its strengths and the reasons why Italiana Contenitori has chosen it as a supplier for more than 20 years, you can visit the official website:

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