Plastic Base Roll: a lightweight and versatile option for the storage and transport of goods

Goods need to be stored and delivered efficiently and conveniently. Tools must be versatile and reliable to meet the needs of a fast-changing world. In this context, the Roll Container Plastic Base presents itself as an ideal choice, offering light weight, strength, and advanced functionality.

Hard and versatile design

The plastic base roll’s distinctive feature is its solid and versatile structure. The side walls with oversized Ø25 mm tube ensure high resistance to mechanical stress and intensive use, allowing for the safe and stable transportation of goods of considerable size and weight. In order to make the Roll Container trolley durable and reliable, the plastic base is reinforced with metal blades that increase structural strength, ensuring greater durability. The Plastic Base Roll by Italiana Contenitori is a trolley designed for transporting goods and products that offers strength and versatility, but its qualities do not end there, because lightness and easy handling are two more aces up the sleeve of this indispensable Roll Container.

The Lightweight and Handy Roll Container

The light weight of the Plastic Base Roll Container makes it particularly suitable for applications where goods need to be moved frequently, such as in warehouses or distribution centers. Thanks to its plastic base, this roll is easy to handle even when fully loaded, allowing efficient transport without excessive operator effort. As we have seen in the previous section, lightness does not mean fragility because thanks to the technical shrewdness of the IC design office and first-rate materials, this Roll Container comes across as strong and durable.

Roll Container Series with Plastic Base. Lightweight, handy and durable

Accessories and equipment

The Plastic Base Trolley can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to facilitate the work of warehousemen and optimise your company’s logistics in general. The Plastic Base Roll Container is designed for maximum convenience and functionality. Each roll is equipped with two elastic straps, which serve to secure the load and to keep the goods firmly in place during transport. The side walls are each equipped with a metal plate that provides a dedicated space for the application of labels, either for the identification of the contents or for the advertisement of the brand. This allows for a simple and immediate identification of the goods contained within the trolley, as well as the trolley itself. Furthermore, the number of shelves installed per trolley can be increased according to the selected height, up to a maximum of five shelves. This increases the available surface area without risking damage to the packaging, optimises the available space and improves the organisation of goods.

Applications of Plastic Base Roll Container in the Large-Scale Retail Sector (GDO)

The Plastic Base Roll Container is particularly well suited to the dynamics of large-scale retail trade (GDO), a sector in which the rapid movement of goods is essential to ensure agile and effective restocking of shelves at the point of sale. With a maximum load capacity of 400 kg, this Roll Container can safely transport the widest range of products: from groceries to books, from canned goods to bulky items. The fact that shelves and straps can be quickly and easily removed makes it possible to adapt the trolley to the specific needs of each individual transport, yet another reason why IC’s Plastic Base Trolley is the reliable and durable solution of choice for many large retail companies, because it combines light weight and maneuverability with great versatility.

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Plastic bases for Roll Containers. Characteristics and strengths

Plastic bases for Roll Containers. Characteristics and strengths

The secret of the success of Italiana Contenitori’s plastic bases lies in the winning combination of two materials with complementary characteristics. Plastic offers lightness, strength and durability.
Metal structural bars provide rigidity and superior load-bearing capacity.

Assembly of a Roll Container

Assembly of a Roll Container

Scopri con questo tutorial quanto sia semplice montare e utilizzare un carrello Roll di Italiana Contenitori, e preparati a ottimizzare il tuo processo di movimentazione merci con una soluzione affidabile e di qualità.

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