Vertical warehouse with industrial wire mesh containers

Industrial wire mesh containers as vertical storage

Italiana Contenitori’s Market family not only offers the strength and durability of industrial wire mesh containers, but is also an excellent solution for those looking for an efficient and flexible alternative to traditional racking. Their self-supporting wire mesh structure not only provides great load bearing capacity, but also immediate visibility of contents, a key aspect of warehouse optimization. Unlike fixed structures, Market containers can be used as racking or vertical storage, but they do not need to be anchored to the ground, nor do they need to be certified, they offer safe and solid containment, and thanks to the many accessories including the half hinged gate, they are truly an unbeatable vertical storage tool. Thanks to their clever design, they allow up to three fully loaded containers to be stacked on one, maximizing the use of vertical space. The dimensions, which meet European standards, ensure compatibility and efficiency in different operational and logistical contexts.


Industrial wire mesh containers. 3 out of 1, maximum load 4000 kg in total
Industrial folding wire mesh containers. Stacked.

Goodbye fixed racking: welcome stacked metal wire mesh containers!

The versatility of Market containers is also expressed in their ability to be folded when not in use, reducing space requirement and allowing unparalleled optimization of storage and transportation space. With ideal dimensions for saturating transport, these containers are perfect for the wine, industrial and agricultural sectors, and have been a reliable solution for storage and handling of goods for years, even in large-scale retail trade, and in numerous secondary and tertiary sectors. Electrowelded mesh metal cages are made of high-quality materials, and thanks to the galvanizing process they are not afraid of weather, dust, dirt and even saltiness.

As with every other Italiana Contenitori product, the Market family has a significant number of catalog variants As many as fourteen different models – and, thanks to the in-house management of the entire production process, IC customers have access to a high level of customization, down to designing the container from scratch. Standard options include two cuts for maximum load-carrying capacity of 600 and 1000 kg – and various heights (790, 900, 980 and 1190 cm), with which a range of accessories and kits such as branded plates, document holders, lids, shelves, wheels and more can be associated.

Lighter and more durable than sheet metal or plastic alternatives

We would like to stress the importance of the fact that the alternatives on the market, sheet metal or plastic containers, often do not offer the same performance as Italiana Contenitori’s (IC) metal wire mesh containers. The first significant difference is the weight: sheet metal and plastic boxes are heavier on average than IC metal cages, but they offer similar load capacities. This has a negative impact on logistics costs; the extra weight can add up over the years with hundreds, if not thousands, of extra kilos being moved, reducing transport efficiency.

In terms of durability, plastic containers tend to be less resistant to wear and tear than wire mesh containers: plastic can degrade or be damaged more easily by prolonged exposure to adverse environmental conditions or heavy loads. In contrast, IC’s containers, made of galvanized wire mesh, provide great wear resistance and long service life even under intensive working conditions.

Electrowelded wire mesh container. Stainless and with wheels.

In conclusion, IC wire mesh containers are fully recyclable, maintenance-free and extremely durable. Below you’ll find the entire Market family, choose the product that suits you and configure it directly on the site, and don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department for more information!

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