Roll Container wheels. Four kits to meet every handling need

Polypropylene Wheel for Rollcontainer

Italiana Contenitori not only produces high-quality wire containers, but also offers its customers a wide range of Roll Containers. Wheels are a key component of Roll Containers, defining their easy handling, quietness, wear resistance, and load capacity.

Over the years, Italiana Contenitori has selected the best Italian manufacturers, and for standard polypropylene wheels (the most common and widespread) it relies on WFT S.r.l., a historic Verona-based company with more than 40 years of experience in producing high-quality wheels. WFT guarantees products made in Italy, manufactured in compliance with quality standards and European regulations regarding safety, pollution and workers’ rights.

Let’s see together which wheel models are available in IC’s large catalogue!

Four kits to meet every need

Italiana Contenitori offers four wheel kits for its Roll Containers, each of them with specific characteristics. Each kit can be configured with fixed or swivel castors, with or without brakes.

  • Standard Kit: the cheapest and most widely used, it consists of four polypropylene wheels, two of which swivel, with a maximum load capacity of 400 kg. Ideal for standard indoor use.
  • Silent Kit: perfect for health care, hospital and nursing home environments. Rubber wheels ensure smooth and silent movement, with a maximum load capacity of 400 kg.
  • Intense Kit: designed for intensive use, it offers strength and wear resistance even over long distances. Nylon wheels allow handling even on rough grounds, with a maximum load capacity of 400 kg.
  • Kit Forte: the top of the range , with nylon polyurethane wheels that offer maximum strength and load capacity, up to 600 kg. Ideal for transporting heavy materials over long distances.
Wheels mounted on plastic base for Roll Container

WFT S.r.l. is a reliable partner, and the quality is Made in Italy

Italiana Contenitori can offer its customers the ideal solution for moving goods efficiently, safely and quietly thanks to solid and profitable long term partnerships WFT polypropylene wheels provide excellent performance and durability even under heavy use, and offer the best ratio quality/price for standard uses. Italiana Contenitori has chosen WFT’s wheels for its Roll Containers to guarantee its customers high quality products, manufactured in compliance with the highest environmental and social standards. WFT is a reliable and serious partner, able to provide high-performance and long-lasting wheels.

For more information about WFT wheels, please visit the website:

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