Wire cages, rollcontainers and ecology

Ecological metal containers - Italiana ContenitoriAttention to the environment is one of the recurring subjects of this new millennium; there is only one planet and we must try to save it to save ourselves.

The Earth is home to about 8 billion people, who live, breathe, travel and move industrial goods, animals, machinery. And everything must be carefully packed in order to be able to reach its destination without being damaged.

This is the reason for these lines: packaging. Once we have received our goods, we must dispose of the packaging as correctly as possible in order to avoid an additional ecological problem.

Packages are not all the same: they can be made of paper, wood, polystyrene, plastic… all materials that require proper disposal that many times does not happen. Every year we throw tons of disposable plastic into the sea, devastating our ecosystems: this is no longer accetable . Plastic films, plastic boxes, bags, microplastics, and the list goes could go on and on. For small shipments there are no great alternatives to plastic and cardboard, For industry and production areas the situation changes, and this is where we have to play our part.

So why not use industrial metal containers ? Iron is one of the most abundant metals on Earth, it is ductile, malleable and, most importantly, recyclable an endless number of times. Italiana Contenitori’s products (roll containers, security roll containers, wire cages, pallet cages…) can be the ideal solution to help the planet and even our pockets!

Market - industrial wire cages - Italiana Contenitori Wire containers allow a drastic reduction in CO2 production because they are lightweight (they do not significantly affect the total weight of goods loaded onto trucks), are foldable, stackable, and can be used thousands of times. Why use non-reusable containers when you can decrease expenses and at the same time reduce your impact on the environment?

Italiana Containers, an industry leader for 40 years, offers an extensive catalog of containers in stockthanks to our 10,000 square meters of warehouses, and even in case we do not have what you are looking for in our catalog, our engineering department is ready to design, in collaboration with LAB, the perfect container that meets your needs down to the smallest detail.

To date, road transport takes the lead, probably the most practical, but certainly among the most polluting This is why Italiana Contenitori is committed to providing its customers with smart solutions to optimize logistics, reduce packaging weights (and therefore costs), and minimize waste. On average, 3,5 outgoing shipments require a single return trip

We work for your own content and for a planet free to breathe.

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